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…because it feels like heaven when you run your dog

If you want to have more fun…

If you want to work smarter and not harder…

If you want to bring out the best in you and your dog, build confidence, reliability, and speed…

Krista shows you how to get the results you want.

So you can successfully run your dog on any obstacle, handling challenge, or course.


Agility Class Descriptions

In agility classes meet other dog lovers just like you who want small group classes that offer personal attention and keep-it-simple-and-successful instruction.

Foundation agility introduces dogs to mini-obstacles, jumps, tunnels, and games to teach important listening, handling, and movement skills.

Beginning agility continues teaching obstacle performance, such as contacts and weaves, a–frame, and develops handler skills.

Advanced agility builds more course skills so your dog can run fast and clean, and your handling is smooth and efficient when you do front, rear, and blind crosses. And your teeter is AWESOME!

Competition agility is for dogs who are currently competing in agility. Emphasis is on additional handling techniques, strategies, and course skills so you and your dog can run smooth, efficient, fast, and clean.

European Handling highlights skills and strategies so you can improve your dog’s distance, accuracy, speed, and teamwork on fast and flowing, or tight call-off lines, or distance challenges.

Just for Fun agility classes use exercises, skills and drills, and courses to create happy, cooperative and knowledgeable teams.

Vintage Dog Agility classes are for vintage dogs who are “aged to perfection.” They might not see as well, move as easily, or hear like they did, but they still want to go and have fun. Two-, four-, or eight-inch jumps and tunnels keep dogs active and loving the senior dog life.

All Classes Are Taught By Krista


Class Information

  • 5 week sessions
  • Each class is one hour
  • Class size is 4-6 dogs
  • Course cost: $165 for five classes
  • No refund after the first class
  • No reactive dogs in group classes.
  • Yes, children can teach dogs, but, parents must also actively participate in class
  • All classes are taught by Krista
  • North Phoenix outdoor training facility with three fenced rings.

PDCH-SILVER Lickity Split

Performance Tournament Master Titanium

Lifetime Achievement  - Bronze


#1 PMC Biathlon Jumpers

#1 PMC Biathlon Standard

# 3 Performance Tournament Master

Gold Medal PNW Regional Biathlon

MC Performance Standard Champion

MC Performance Jumpers Champion

Performance Gamblers Champion – Silver

Performance Snooker Champion – Silver

Performance Jumpers Champion – Silver


Performance Standard Champion  - Gold





Performance Tournament Master - Silver


#2 Performance Tournament Master

#9 PMC Biathlon Standard

#10 Performance 3 Gamblers

#20 Performance 3 Standard

#2 Team Jumpers- USDAA Cynosport World Games Bronze Medal Rocky Mtn Regional - Steeplechase

Performance Standard Champion - Bronze

Performance Gamblers Champion Bronze


Performance Relay Champion

Performance Gambler Champion - Bronze


Performance Relay Champion - Bronze

Performance Jumpers Champion

Performance Snookers Champion

Tournament Master - Bronze

Performance Tournament Master - Silver


Krista Cantrell uses innovative exercises, skill training, distance handling, and mental muscle memory techniques so you can be a happy, cooperative, skilled and winning team.

Private lessons, group classes, and on-line dog agility coaching sessions are full of strategies, skill sets and tips to help you find success (and create a great relationship).

You get personal attention and advice specifically tailored to you and your dogs. With Krista’s lessons you find the “sweet spot” where it all comes together.


Dog Agility Fun Runs!

During the year Krista offers dog agility “fun runs” for her students.

"Do what you love and do it more often"-

Krista Cantrell