Meet Krista Cantrell

Krista Cantrell uses her skills as a:

  • savvy cognitive animal behaviorist
  • award-winning dog agility trainer
  • respected whisperer
  • dedicated traditional Chinese medicine Qigong practitioner help you get started with a new puppy, kitty, or horse; solve animal behavior and health problems, and create happy and successful dog agility teams.


She is the ONLY resource anywhere that combines work as a cognitive animal behaviorist with practice as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and responsibility as a whisperer.

Take a quick look at the testimonials on this page.

You will find pet parents who freely admit the insights and breakthroughs they gained through working with Krista are the key that finally delivered the results they hoped for.

You need to check them out for yourself.

Krista includes ALL the steps that other instructors and practitioners forget or miss.

Her mission is to share insanely useful ways so you can stop being frustrated (or worried) and know what to do and how to fix it so that problems disappear.

Veterinarians, trainers, performance, and family pet owners seek her assistance for training, behavior, and health issues with dogs, horses, and cats.

If you want to see how Krista can help you, go here.

In addition, Krista is a published author, contributor to local, national, and international media, and speaker at national conferences. Segments about her work with animals have appeared in print and broadcast media because she gets results.


Dog Agility

Krista doesn’t just talk about training she proves it in the show ring.

An active dog agility competitor, Krista’s dogs have more than 300 titles, including National Championship titles and Top Ten Awards in USDAA, AKC, and NADAC.


In 2021, Krista’s border collie, PDCH-SILVER Lickity Split, Performance Tournament Master Titanium, Lifetime Achievement Bronze—earned three USDAA National Top Ten Awards (United States Dog Agility Association):

  • #1 Biathlon MC Performance Jumpers
  • #1 Biathlon MC Performance Standard
  • #3 Performance Tournament Master

In 2021, Lickity and Krista won the Gold Medal in USDAA Performance MC Biathlon at the Pacific North West Regional.

Performance Tournament Master - Titanium

#1 PMC Biathlon Jumpers

#1 PMC Biathlon Standard

#3 Performance Tournament Master

Gold Medal PNW Regional Biathlon

MC Performance Standard Champion

MC Performance Jumpers Champion

Performance Gamblers Champion – Silver

Performance Gamblers Champion - Bronze

Performance Snooker Champion – Silver

Performance Jumpers Champion – Silver

Performance Jumpers Champion - Bronze

Performance Dog Champion - Bronze

Lifetime Achievement Award - Bronze

Performance Relay Champion - Bronze

Performance Standard Champion - Silver


Performance Tournament Master - Titanium

Performance Standard Champion - Gold

Performance Jumpers Champion - Silver

Performance Gamblers Champion - Silver

Performance Snooker Champion - Silver




In 2021, Krista’s border collie PDCH Kip

Performance Tournament Master Bronze —earned three USDAA National Top Ten Awards (United States Dog Agility Association):

  • #2 Performance Tournament Master
  • #9 Biathlon MC Performance Standard
  • #10 Performance 3 Gamblers
  • #20 Performance 3 Standard

In 2021, Kip and Krista won a Bronze Medal in Performance Speed Jumping at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Regional.

In 2021, Kip placed #2 in Team Jumpers at the USDAA Cynosport World Games.

Performance Tournament Master - Bronze

Performance Standard Champion - Bronze

Performance Tournament Master

Performance Dog Champion

Performance Snooker Master

Performance Gamblers Champion

Performance Standard Champion

Performance Jumpers Master

Performance Relay Master

Performance Standard Master


Performance Gamblers Champion - Bronze

Performance Relay Champion


Performance Relay Champion - Bronze

Performance Jumpers Champion

Performance Snookers Champion

Tournament Master - Bronze

Performance Tournament Master - Silver




If your special fur friend is injured, sick, or hurting, as a qigong practitioner, Krista uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to improve dog, cat, or horse performance, health, and well-being.

In her work with large and small animals, Krista deals with diverse wellness issues such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome/IBS
  • Seizures
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Spinal stroke/FCE
  • Lameness
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Injury rehabilitation

Ask Krista how you can help your senior dog be healthier and get stronger.

Because of her healing expertise: Krista was a Keynote Speaker for the American Holistic Veterinary Association (AHVMA) Annual Conference.




Krista Cantrell talks with animals.

Big deal, you think—lots of people talk to their fur kids. The difference is with Krista, they talk back.

For more than 26 years, Krista Cantrell M.A. has touched the lives of many people and animals. Many of her sessions are legendary among her clients.

When you need to get to the heart of the matter, a whispering session can clear up misunderstandings, improve relationships, and get to the root of health and behavior issues.


Internationally Published Author
Published by Plume and The Lyons Press

Tao of Puppies: How to Raise a Good Dog Without Really Trying, 2004, The Lyons Press.


The Tao of Puppies is described by Steve Dale, nationally syndicated dog columnist and writer, as “simple, yet brilliant.” Polish edition 2007 and Hungarian edition 2010.

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How To Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day. Revised edition 2004, The Lyons Press.


First published in 1998 by Plume. Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right is recommended by the Library Journal for “all pet-care collections.”

Housetrain Your Dog Now, 2000, Plume.


Steve Dale described Housetrain Your Dog Now as "The best book on housetraining I’ve read.”

Krista lives in Arizona’s high Sonoran Desert with her husband and seven dogs.